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What is each, free blogging platform good at?

I’ve gotten tired of WordPress and I’m searching for some nice alternatives, but how lucky can I get? Or will I be finding out  that there’s nothing better than the WordPress king, who knows… These are the things that seemed important throughout the first 2 pages of Google Search Results:

  • WordPress
    • Features: blog rolls,thousands of themes available, cross-blog communication tools, comments, trackback, optional user registration, allows multiple authors…
  • TextPattern
    • Main contender to WordPress, more or less the same features, just doesn’t have the support from the internet community.
      • Here is bold statement!
  • Loudblog
    • automatically generates a skinnable website and an RSS-Feed for Podcasting.
      • I’ll keep this in mind.
  • WordPress.com has quite limited design options (for instance you can’t ad ads to templates making it a poor choice to make money with)
    • Yes, very true! Limited design has been a big bump in the road for me too.
  • Blogger (Web-Based, Free)
    • supports drag-and-drop template editing, dynamic updating,
      • sounds interesting
    • geo-tagging for location-based blogging,
      • OMG! What’s that? :-))
  • Tumblr (Web-Based, Free)
    • appeals to a lot of people and the ease of setup coupled with its informality
    • Tumblr is a winning combination for people who aren’t looking to commit to a blog as an involved and time-consuming project.
  • WordPress (Web-Based, Free)
    • once you get it up and running you’re rewarded with a nearly limitless array of options, configurations, and plug-ins.
      • Mm, not so limitless!
  • Posterous (Web-Based, Free)
    • Simply email post@posterous.com from any email account and Posterous will create a YourName.Posterous.com blog for you.
    • it’s impressive how much you can do through the Posterous system with a single email.
      • This one is for the lazy guy who wants to post articles using his e-mail account!
  • WordPress (Self-Hosted or Hosted)
    • is the current king of blogging platforms.
    • It’s easy to use and very flexible.
      • I have to dissagree! When I first started using WordPress I was overwhelmed by it’s complex administration pannel! But, as I have only used WordPress, and played with Blogger, Joomla and Drupal, so maybe WordPress is really the easiest to use.
    • What really makes WordPress stand out is the sheer number of free and premium themes
  • Blogger (Hosted)
    • people making the choice between it and WordPress typically go with the latter.
  • Posterous (Hosted)
    • is intended to be a quick and easy way to share thoughts and media.
      • You mean like Facebook?
  • MovableType (Self-Hosted)
    • It still lags behind WordPress in some aspects but when they brought the platform to the open source arena, it’s made some amazing improvements.
  • ExpressionEngine (Self-Hosted)
    • is a feature rich and powerful platform that, while used for blogs, is also used for much more complex sites thanks to its flexibility
  • Joomla (Self-Hosted)
    • it’s easy to create almost any kind of site with it
      • It’s even more complicated then WordPress, but maybe it’s just me!
  • Penzu (Hosted)
    • is most similar to a journal or diary
    • the platform is focused more around you writing (like you would in a notebook, journal, etc) than spending time messing about with a control panel (as you would in WordPress).
      • Ok, now there’s a fresh breeze..
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